Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Painting Plumerias in Watercolor

Painting Plumerias in Watercolor
an online painting class with Marionette

This online class has unlimited access. Once you purchase it, you can create and access at any time and work at your own pace.

Have you ever wanted to paint gorgeous, sunlit, tropical flowers? Well, this class is for you! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist, I will demonstrate my techniques to create two vibrant plumeria paintings in this online class. No drawing skills are necessary!

In this class you will receive my two reference photos to print out of the Pink Plumeria and Rainbow Plumeria. Plus, you will receive my exact art supply list with links to the Blick Art Materials website. This makes ordering your supplies easy, or you can use the links to see photos of what the supplies look like if you want to purchase them at your local arts and crafts store.

During the ten videos where I demonstrate the Pink Plumeria and eleven videos of the Rainbow Plumeria, you will gain an understanding of how to properly use quality watercolor supplies, how to correct mistakes, how to blend and shade the delicate plumeria petal, layering, and much, much more. Plus, I will be available either by email or phone to answer any questions and to provide additional assistance.

All videos will be available on demand so that you may work at your own speed. The videos will be embedded in the email so that you just have to click the photo of the video to be taken to the actual video. All videos in this class are "private" which means they are only available to those in the class.

If you wish to have a private critique of your painting, just send me a .jpg of your painting attached in an email, and I will be happy to do so.

Student Testimonials:
"Your technique has given me more confidence with watercolors. I usually tend to go too fast, to try to loosen up, but I end up over working the painting and making a mess. This fits better with my more realistic style, AND I'm having fun. Can't ask for more!" - Sandrine

"I have learned so much from this one and am so excited to keep going!" - Maureen

The class will come to you in an email where I embed all of the class videos, the supply list, and the reference photos. 

**After purchasing the class, please send me an email to Marionette@ with your name and email address so I can send you your class email. Please give me 24 hours to send your email once I have received your information.** 

(The "BUY NOW" link will take you to my Etsy Online Shop where you can pay for your class by credit card or Paypal.  My shop is now set up for direct check out which means that you can use your credit card directly through Etsy and not have to have a Paypal account.)

Or, you can call me directly at (808) 631-9173 to pay by credit card over the phone or set up an alternate payment method.

Mahalo for signing up and Happy Painting!!!
808.631.9173 (Please remember that I'm in the Hawaiian Time Zone)

Painting Bamboo with Encaustics

In this video I demonstrate how to use melted wax (encaustics) to paint bamboo.  The fun part is using the tip of the iron to create the bamboo shapes.  The thing I love most about encaustics is that it is never really wet or dry.  You can always heat up the wax to melt it and move it around!


Acrylic Painting - Step by Step

One day I received a commision painting job from Sherri. She and her husband were visiting the island of Kauai on their honeymoon (Congratulations!), and she wanted to have a painting created of the bungalow where they stayed.

She came across my website and loved the style of my Kauai Coffee Visitor Center painting and wanted something similar. After a few emails (we've never met in person), I took my camera and headed out to the famous "Baby Beach" of Kauai's south shore. I snapped several pics of the house and also a few of the beach itself .

Well, I always wanted to capture the "steps" that I take to create an acrylic painting. So I remined myself to take a picture every so often while working on this piece. In my acrylics classes, I always stress the importance of blocking in the major colors and shapes before painting the details. This is what you see in step #1. I love the bright blue color of the sky here in Kauai! 

bungalow Step 1
Next, I started to slowly develop the painting. Added a few details, but mostly working on the underpainting. Acrylic paint can be very opaque especially when mixed with titanium white. Therefore, if you make a mistake at this point, you can cover it up and keep on paintin'!
Bungalow Step 2
In Step #3 I started to develop more of the house, porch and garden. I didn't like the blue color I put on the left-hand side of the house because it looked too much like sky, so I greyed it out a bit. This was challenging to get the right shade.
Bungalow Step 3

Finally, I started to work more on the palm trees on the sides. I wanted to get a lot of detail in the underpainting part of the trees. Lots of details in the background without worrying about the foreground until last.
Bungalow Step 4
In Step #5, I worked on more detail of the house and palm trees. I also painted the adorable coconut that was so appropriately placed near the entrance to the house!

Bungalow Step 5 
 Here's the final version of the painting!  I spent lots of time on the palm tree details. Whew!
Bungalow Final 

Baby Beach Bungalow
11"x14" on Canvas (painted on the edges in a 
 Gallery Wrap Style)

I hope you enjoyed seeing this painting in progress!