Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pastel Painting Demonstration

Pastel Demo 2

Final PaintingThis painting of my secret fishing spot on Kauai was done using one of my reference photos, and it took me roughly an hour to create once I had my supplies set up.

Speaking of supplies, this is what I recommend: Pastels - I suggest using the highest quality (meaning highest priced) soft pastels that you can afford.  I used Rembrandt pastels in rembrandt pastelsthis demo, but I also often use the lesser expensive Faber-Castell brand. Paper - I H. Paperuse a hard-to-find Hahnemuhle velour paper because I love the soft/fuzzy texture that allows multiple layers of pastel.  The final painting will be a little fuzzy, but I like this effect!  Soft Pastel Pencils - I use Gioconda pencils for fine details as well as a very soft (6B) charcoal pencil.

Next, I cut and tape my paper down to a masonite tapeboard using masking tape and overlap the edges of the paper by about 1/4".  I then study my photo and colorsstart picking out my main colors and place them on a plate or container for easy access, and I am ready to start my next work of art!

I paint with my pastels very similar to how I paint with acrylics.  Since Step 2they are opaque and take layering very well, I start by blocking in the main areas of the Step 3painting with the desired color.  I don't worry about details at all in this stage.  I just want to get the main design of the painting worked out.  Once this is done, I can start layering in more of the details. 

 As the painting comes closer to being complete, I get out the pencils and add the final details.  Next, I add SprayStep6my signature and then a few light coats of a fixative spray and I'm all PAU (means finished in Hawaiian)!  Hope you have enjoyed this demo.